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I’ll try to keep this short. I do not claim to be a writer *__*

**Adventures in Daaallaaaas** I took a greyhound to Neil Gaiman’s book signing at the Majestic. Met up with the bf (stands for boyfriend or baboon fart, whichever). We stayed at a motel 6 across the street from a seedy strip club, complete with shady clientele congregating around souped up cars.  My plan was to hand Neil a really nice drawing as thanks, just to let him know that his stories kept a very gawky teenage me happy and curious of the world. 

WELP, I ran out of time, got caught up with commissions, had work, I didn’t draw that special thing. Pretty bummed about it. I even thought “hey, I’ll draw something on the bus!” Nope! Didn’t happen—-fast forward to the event, Neil surprised us with a second reading, this time from Fortunately, the Milk, which had…a stegosaurus! And I just so happened to have a little doodle of one in my sketchbook. I cleaned it up, tore it out, and waited for our turn. 

I chanted ‘don’t be weird, don’t be weird’ in my head. He got to my book. For having to sign so many books in a stuffy room, he was gracious and wonderful. In fact, the entire staff was! He scribbled a little monster in my book, I didn’t even have to ask! I handed him the lil’ stegosaurus~~~He stopped signing for a little bit (which was unexpected), stared at the doodle much longer than I thought he would (also unexpected), and he gave me a hug ( totally unexpected). The driving and the waiting was worth it. I did a congratulatory fist pump as soon as we walked outside. Tired and sleepy, but too happy to nap in bf’s car and the drive back home. I felt geeky being so happy about it, But hey, some get stoked over concerts-we all have our own things we treasure. 

Mr. Gaiman, was witty, charming, funny, warm, and over all wonderful. He read an excerpt from The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which I saw so many pouring over as we waited in our seats. I’m still waiting for the right time. My next day off, definitely. A few questions were answered, not all as the stack was thicker than the new book itself. Last night was great!

Good bye little Steggy! <3

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